Star Wars: George Lucas StormTrooper in Disguise 90U NM+ /MT
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This is a very rare and highly collectible  Uncirculated  Vintage Daga Collection with George Lucas in Stormtrooper disguise. This wonderful item was from an exclusive mail in deal from Hasbro in 2006. 

UNCIRCULATED: Uncirculated is a toy item that has never been handled nor circulated within the market after final completion at the factory. The Uncirculated identifier on the AFA grading label assures the collector that the figure went from its original packaging within a factory sealed case(or even right off the factory line) to its museum quality AFA protective case. AFA wears protective gloves when handling your Uncirculated itemsto ensure that your figures remain untouched since they were packaged at the factory.The figure is graded on the same
AFA scale as regular submissions except with the "U" designation before the grade.





  • Item #: DNG-SW-LucasU90

Star Wars: George Lucas StormTrooper in Disguise 90U NM+ /MT

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